Getting Hooked on the Drama Created by The Narcissist

As I have already pointed out numerous times in my earlier posts, when you are in a relationship with a narcissist, you are not quite yourself anymore. You are engulfed by their drama and mind games to such an extent, that you lose touch with yourself and end up turning the narcissist into the center of your world. Your complete fixation on the narcissist often has the effect that you lose your capacity to think rationally, to question your behavior, to protect your boundaries from being overstepped and from saving your emotional well-being from completely going down the drain. The drama that is so readily provided by the narcissist is swallowing us and demanding all of our energy – with the result that we have difficulties functioning in all other areas of our daily lives. We neglect our tasks and find it hard to focus on our work or studies, because we are completely absorbed by their drama.

This constant exposure to drama, ambiguity and deceit can have two very contradictory effects on us. On the one hand, we are slowly but surely growing tired and exhausted of it. We desperately want things to finally be easy, relaxed, less straining and depressing. We would give so much for the narcissist to end his constant unavailability, distance, inconsistency and triangulation. We belief that if they could let go of all of these troublesome modes of behavior, things could finally be the way we want them to be. However – shocking and irrational as it may sound – we also somehow learn to get used to the drama. Our willingness to endure the drama provided by the narcissist can even lead us to get hooked on it. We actually learn to love the drama and accept it as a fixed component of our relationship with the narcissist. We sometimes even reach the point where we can no longer imagine being with him without having to deal with constant drama and heartbreak.

This contradictory frame of mind can be very confusing and damaging. On the one hand, we are sick and tired of their manipulation and ambiguity. On the other hand, we are hooked on the excitement and emotional rollercoaster that accompanies their inconsistency. Our willingness to endure and absorb the drama provided by the narcissist, leads us to question our own sanity. We can’t find the rationale behind our repeated decision to hold on to them in spite of the fact that everything they ever do is causing us nagging feelings of insecurity, agony and disappointment. We can’t really admit to us that we have likely become addicted to their drama and the accompanying excitement, because it completely contradicts human rationality. The bitter truth, however, is that we have been so consistently fed with deceit, ambiguity and drama that he have grown to live with it – even to appreciate it. I still don’t know why we are doing this to us: Is it a survival strategy? Is it a welcome opportunity to punish ourselves for our supposed inadequacy? Is it because our daily lives provide so little excitement that we readily leap at their drama and allow it to become part of our being?

The only thing I know is that I could have surrendered and saved myself on countless different opportunities, but every single time I decided to hold on and submissively endure more of the blows he dealt to my self-esteem on an almost daily basis. I could have told him that I’d finally had enough and that I couldn’t take any more of his drama and deceit. However, I never followed through with it and instead increasingly lost touch with myself and sacrificed my emotional balance. I was on the brink of letting go several times; I tried to break contact with him on several occasions. After a few days, I always quit the endeavor, because on some level I missed the excitement that came from being with him. I was convinced that it was better to endure his drama with patience and endurance than to be on my own again, with no one but myself to deal with. I’ve always had a hard time being lonely, and therefore couldn’t find the strength and resolution to let go and save what was left of my emotional well-being and strength.

I didn’t only accept the drama passively and stoically, but sometimes I even helped to create it and to keep it going – or at least I didn’t try to end it when I could have well done so. When his exgirlfriend harrassed me with her countless attempts to call me and tons of text messages, I could have just blocked her number and saved myself a lot of unnecessary torment and pain. However, on some level, I was too curious, to unwilling to just put an end to the drama. It almost seemed as if I was hooked on the agony and hurt that I derived from reading her messages. The first time she tried to call me I even answered the phone (because I didn’t know her number back then), and instead of just hanging up, I listened to what she had to say for more than an hour. After that phone conversation, I felt so confused, hurt and shocked that it was almost impossible to bear. I learned, during that conversation, that I had become the target of so many lies. Besides, I have been confronted with the sick accusations that the narcissist and his exgirlfriend were throwing their ways on a daily basis. It was heart-wrenching and disgusting. However, instead of hanging up the phone so that I wouldn’t have had to listen to all that bullshit, I talked to her and let the pain paralyze me.

On some level, the pain and drama seemed to make me feel alive and provided my life with excitement – something that had admittedly been partly missing from it before I met the narcissist. I was in a deeply confused state while being in that relationship. On the one hand I was despaired and on the brink of a mental breakdown, because nothing was ever easy or going according to plan. Everything was somehow disappointing and dramatic – and it was slowly sucking the life out of me. However, after I had finally realized that all I would ever get from him was drama, pain, and inconsistency, I learned to accept and live with it. The realization that things would likely never be easy, that he would probably break my heart in the end, didn’t keep me from still chasing after him. I was convinced that getting drama was better than getting nothing at all and than returning to the eventless and monotonous life I lead prior to meeting the narcissist. In the end, I had not only gotten used to the drama, but I had also grown to appreciate it and the excitement that was stemming from it.

So I guess one conclusion that can be drawn from all of this is that I was certainly complicit in my own emotional abuse. I could have walked away a thousand times and told him I had enough of his shady ways. However, out of a deep fear of being alone, and because I had grown used to drama and pain, I allowed him to trample all over me again and again. Looking at my behavior in retrospect, I can – as usual – only shake my head in disbelief. I’m shocked that my desire for excitement and diversion let me to accept to be disrespected and taken for granted. But, I’m not really willing to accept all the blame for what had happened to me. Sure, my codependency was an important factor, as it made me the perfect target for submitting to his drama. However, narcissists are particularly talented at emotionally manipulating us in such a way that we keep going in spite of having lost almost all of our hopes that things might get better.

As usual, there is a positive lesson that I have learned from what had happened to me. I now know that there are both positive and negative kinds of excitement – and that the excitement we receive from being with a narcissist almost exclusively belongs into the negative category. The excitement derived from being in an inconsistent and unhealthy relationship will never add any value to our lives. We might think we can’t live without it, and that our lives are monotonous without the drama provided by the narcissist. However, in our misguided endeavor to submissively endure whatever they are throwing our ways, we often don’t realize that we are doing enormous damage to our emotional well-being and that we are losing touch with ourselves. I’m glad that I’ve finally learned that I alone am responsible for providing my life with excitement and purpose. I never again want to feel so deprived of diversion and excitement that I so willingly allow someone else to hurt me and fill my life with misery and pain.

13 thoughts on “Getting Hooked on the Drama Created by The Narcissist

  1. Love your writing. It gets me questioning myself if I am a narcissist as well as you hit on so many raw points.
    Keep it up, I’m really enjoying it xx

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  2. You know what’s interesting when I was st my meeting yesterday. I was thinking of the manipulation done by these men and I noticed we are puppets being held on a string. When they choose to lavish attention to us it moves up, when they don’t want us it moves down. Does this make sense to you ?

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    • This makes perfect sense to me. I felt exactly like that when I was in my relationship with the narcissist. I think I even said it some times in a few of my posts that I felt like a puppet on a string. Everything always went according to his plans. He decided when to meet, where to meet…i was completely powerless and felt like a dog chasing his master. I totally agree with you

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  3. You should never even consider being totally at fault for this relationship. It’s always a two-way street. However, after our exposure, it’s up to us to make sure that we don’t get stuck with another one.

    Good post. πŸ™‚

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  4. Two effects – getting tired and getting used to.
    Hugsy, you voice my truculence in your posts. I love you writing skills, I have told this to you a million times and I am still not over it. ❀

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  5. Good post. Part of the healing process, I believe, is being able to own your story as truthfully as you can. You’re doing a great job with that. Reading your posts inspires me to be more thorough in my honesty with my own story. Thanks for that.

    Sending you a big virtual hug. πŸ™‚

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    • Thank you so much!! At the beginning I alternated between putting all the blame on him and all the blame on me…Now I know that we both were part of the dynamic. I submissively allowed him to toy around with my feeling…He took the chance offered to him. Thank you again for being so kind and encouraging. I’m sending a big virtual hug back to you πŸ™‚

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  6. First off I have to say your writing skills are amazing! Your writings are literally on point with narcissism and the survivors who have to deal with the aftermath. Based of your writings you are very pragmatic/to the point about these experiences with Narcs. For my own journal about my relationship Captain Crazy, I usually write with bitterness and pain especially after an episode of being treated horribly. I hope you keep this blog and your writings up for a long while, it’s comforting to read that others go through very similar situations.

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  7. I am glad to know that it normal to get wrapped in the drama! I appreciate your honesty! I just ended a relationship with a narcissist and I was so blinded to it. It took a therapist to help me come to that conclusion. He was so great at hiding it. I mean I have dated a classic narcissist and thought I could totally point one out again, UMMMMMMM NO! Not him! He showed arrogant ways but wow he covered his tracks. I had to write everything down and the whole time he was sabotaging me. If I hadn’t come clean and opened up to tow very important people no one and I mean no one would have believed me. I finally started piecing it together and it just all fit. For two weeks after it was over and I knew it was over I felt myself compelled and drawn to him and tried to apologize and IDK fix it but I knew it couldn’t be fixed and then I would find out more of the things he did and then I would state “lets talk in a few weeks or months there is to much anger and hurt on both sides we both played games (in reality I got pulled into and didn’t realize I was doing it to the therapist pointed it out and I felt stupid)” we went a day and then I got a text of his meanness and then boom drama but I didn’t start it so there went again and then silence and then I would throw a word vomit punch and it would be on and it was stupid and I realize I need of the merry go round. I would see myself wanting to help him and feeling bad and he would bribe me with stuff and I was like huh? I would not sleep for days and I had other things going on and eat my emotions. After two years I can now breath and talk. I realize I wasn’t happy. Thank you. I can now blog again and find myself. I am not crazy! well no more than usual!


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